Customer Support

"Leadership in Customer Satisfaction is the primary objective of every Customer Service Team member. Resolving problems in no-time, as as sonn as possible is already too late"

To respond at the new business models and the ever changing demands of the market iIT-2005 has a Customer Service Team (CST) composed of professionals with a high level of know-how acquired from years of working experience at international level.

The CST is able to provide a complete life-cycle management support, starting from the installation up to the future evolution and technological renovation.Encompassing configuration activities, basic and advanced administration, customer training, monitoring and testing; the Team, thanks to the use of sophisticated software tools developed by the market leaders, can provide the maximum in Customer Satisfaction.

The Team is composed of various professional profiles (System Consultant, Project Engineer, System Engineer, Technical Support Engineer, ...) to guarantee the maintenance services of all HW, FW and SW components of the solution including any management software provided to the customer.

The major focus are: rapid solution of the problem; operational excellence; efficient productivity; product continuity and support; innovative and integrated solutions.

Within the following major activities : Operating Procedures; First and Second Level Assistance; Installation and Commissioning; Maintenance and HW / SW Upgrades; Training.

Main References

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