iIT-2005 offers a Customer Relationship Management solutions aimed to help companies to manage the relationships with their customers and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty by ensuring that customers receive consistent, high-quality service through all channels, before and after a sale.

iIT-2005 solutions are based on three major functional blocks:

The Customer Services is the set of capabilities helping the company in:

  • assisting the customer for any information request about product, contracts, billing,
  • filtering and tracking of any suggestion or claims concerning services and products,
  • tracking of the status of any submitted ticket, escalation procedure, dispatching within the organization, statistics and reporting (Inbound).

The Marketing Support is the set of capabilities aimed to the:

  • generation of specific profile for group of customers, their habits and needs (Customer Intelligence),
  • development of marketing action plan focused on increasing cross selling and up selling
  • management of marketing campaign (Marketing Automation),
  • tracking of campaign results and customer's feedbacks

The Sales Support also known as sales force automation (SFA), focuses on company sales team's processes and tools. It gives company's salespeople access to timely information - such as customer profiles and order histories - that they can use to find and seize new opportunities. The sales team can quickly retrieve product and service details. Sales managers can easily monitor the sales pipeline and account status


    Eni: Help Desk and Asset Management system using Oracle and Remedy (with EDS)
    HP: internal system for inbound CRM SFA
    IntesaBCI: Help Desk and Customer Care system using Oracle and Remedy
    SNAI: Help Desk system using Remedy
    SNAI: Asset Management system using Remedy
    Megasoft: Help Desk Management system using Remedy
    TISCALI: Asset Management system using Remedy