Billing for Telco

Using the iIT-2005 Charging and Billing solutions Service Providers can market integrated voice, data and commerce services on an optimal prepaid / postpaid / credit limit basis, performing real time mediation, charging, credit authentication, notification, payment handling, and session control. This allows the operator to market innovative new data services to both its prepaid and postpaid client base.

The solutions support diverse billing parameters, including data volume uplink and downlink, content type and value, quality of service and location, both separately and in combinations. The same service can be rated differently based on the time of day, access device (cellular phone vs. PDA) and the length of time the subscriber is registered to the service. Several discount options, based on a certain service or the total volume consumed, are also available.

Increases market share by offering integrated prepaid and postpaid balance management for families and corporate users. Encourages spending by facilitating automatic payments and in-session payments.

Speeds up the receipt of cash by automating payment collections and alleviating or shortening the "bill run" no end-of-period batch rating required.

In such a way is more easy to guarantee a Billing process responsible for the production of timely and accurate bills, for processing the payments, and performing payment collections. In addition the solutions handle customer inquiries about bills, provides billing inquiry status and is responsible for resolving billing problems to the customer's satisfaction in a timely manner.

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