Provisioning for Telco

The Order to Provisioning solution is aimed to automate end to end process from order entry to service activation and inventory. The solution keep into account SLA terms while designing new services and provisioning them.It provides the Management the tools to monitor order progression and solve problems, give Marketing the support for decision making and service catalog management.

The solution allows the operations to be faster, easier and more consistent. The users are guided through otherwise complex processes in a step-by-step fashion, and hide much of the complexity with high-level functions.

With the order management it is possible to enter the order into an Order Management system, locate the network inventory and assign to the order based on availability through an interface with the Inventory Management system. Provision the new service element via an interface to a service activation system.

The users can manage orders in a simple, intuitive and highly customized way. A catalog can help operators to structure orders in different ways, depending on the attributes they will include, the ranges of possible values, default values, mandatory attributes, etc.

Orders are handled as "Bundles", as different combinations of Elementary Services. This results in flexibility, in the ability to be tailored to any TLC context and to be easily reconfigured whenever new services and performances are required. By combining existing elementary services in different ways it is therefore possible to diversify offers in a very short time.

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