Convergence of voice, data & internet; broadband network infrastructures (wireless and wired) and the currently available application capabilities make it possible to set up a new generation of converging services, available to customers any place and any time iIT-2005 plays a key role in this scenario: it has been for many years a partner to the main telecommunications operators and network and equipment manufacturers and, by combining highly qualified skills in System Integration, has an offer portfolio that totally covers this market.

Customer Care & Billing.

The new role taken on by operators require that a great attention be devoted to services building customer loyalty, and to the speed at which products, profiles and pricing policies are configured

Supervision and Control Systems (OSS)

iIT-2005's credibility derives from its extensive skills in network systems, that come from over a decade of collaboration with international manufacturers of telecommunications equipment, in the creation of Supervision and Control Systems and in the creation of software for network equipment, especially for GSM, GPRS and UMTS.

Outsourcing & Infrastructure Delivery

Provides a range of outsourcing solutions for managing technology infrastructure, applications and business processes.

Service Assurance & Service Delivery

Reduce system downtime and improve customer service with by viewing the status of end-to-end customer services in real time. Fast delivery of new services to increase flexibility in providing convergence services.