With its solutions and services, iIT-2005 can turn a company into a totally e-fulfillment-oriented organization, from traditional models to extended enterprises, incorporating suppliers, business partners and customers in their value chain: this is the transformation enabled by e-business.

The Internet has retraced the boundaries separating the activities pertaining to customers, manufacturers and suppliers. However, the creation of an e-business infrastructure to support an extended enterprise requires a solid experience in infrastructure, Internet technologies and the ability to complement them with application know-how.

Global Service Desk

A unique front end to manage the relationship with internal and external clients and partners, optimizing cost and competencies using the same tecnology adaptable for those scope. This offers real time collaboration (among customers, employees, business partners), integration between Front and Back office, synchronization among all contact points between customer and company (call center, mobile sales force, service centers).

and provide a unique perception of the company, of the quality of service. Datawarehouse, Business Intelligence

Enterprise Event Management

Use of technologies and software tools to monitor the quality perceived by the end customers connected via Internet with the objective of offering personalised products to online users

Outsourcing & Infrastructure Delivery

Provides a range of outsourcing solutions for managing technology infrastructure, applications and business processes.

Technology Solutions

Designs, builds and deploys technology-based solutions