The new "reality" is leader in providing Mission-Critical Solutions in the areas of Customer Relationship Management, Service Level Management (with the integration of the fully internal developped Software Product Suite), OSS, Content Delivery Network , Billing and eBusiness Solutions. The delivery covers the complete cycle of "plan-design-implement-operate-support-optimize", including the high level business consultancy process analysis and improvement.

iIT-2005 offers also a wide coverage in terms of global ICT Infrastructure Services and Solutions in the areas of Network Plan and Design, Storage Network, Security and Asset Management, based on the state of the art technologies and standards.

The Company provides its customers end-to-end Outsourcing/Insourcing services, implementing and maintaining the IT infrastructure, hosting applications, and Web servers.

The main advantages are directly related to the low initial investments, transparent monthly costs, increased data security and the overall saving on IT support, also through the innovative ASP model.