Thanks to our ongoing collaboration with Universities and Institutions, we can offer to students the possibility to develop their graduation thesis, according to our business scope, in iIT-2005 R&D Laboratories. The training will be hands-on, supplying students with specific in-depth studies and effective guidelines to approach the core of technology. We aim to assist students in taking their professional choices for the future.

We offer trainee opportunities to students of the Graduation Course for Computer Engineering, Telecommunications Engineering, or Computer Science.

Moreover, newly graduated or qualified students, with knowledge of computer or telecommunication, can attend a training period of a varying duration at iIT-2005, using its infrastructure, and being assisted by internal tutors. This will integrate the learning process being carried on at the university with the development of specific skills, by taking real actions in order to address real problems.

Ideal candidates are brilliant, versatile, independent, and strongly target-oriented people.

If you are interested in our proposal and meet the requirements, please send a circumstantial resume to jobs@iIT-2005.it. Otherwise, you can fill in a form for a faster contact. Please remember to include the authorization for personal data handling pursuant to the Law 675/96, clearly specifying the preferred job location.