The main goal set by the iIT-2005 Top Management is the availability of human resources with increasing knowledge in the TLC/ICT domains and in relevant Network, Software integrations / solutions / services / technologies. This is the only possible way to reach the time-to-market requirements, the expected Customer Satisfaction and the growing business objectives.

This is usually achieved through a defined recruiting process of new hired resources, implemented by a means of day-by-day cooperation between dedicated staff in the hiring process and a group of Managers. As a consequence of positive evaluations, the new resources are welcome "on board". In parallel with this activities, the suitable and continuous education/training programs is set up, for the employed personnel. The training plan is key for iIT-2005, due to the large involvement with Customers and the evolving technologies.

  • The related educational activities include:
  • technical-scientific courses
  • general background courses
  • e-learning
  • on-the-job training (OJT)
  • specific business related courses


The catalogue of these courses is continuously updated, at the moment it includes: Object Oriented methodology and C++; O-O and UML; JAVA; SNMP and JDMK; CORBA; ORACLE and SQL. Configuration Management: DDTS and CLEARCASE Tools. These courses together with additional Telco specific, are delivered more than once a years and can be individually scheduled. For junior resources (suitably hired in groups of 8 to 15 people) a common educational path of some weeks is organized, in order to let them reach a uniform technical level and an adequate knowledge of the TLC/ICT.


Internal seminars/courses covering a wide range of subjects are planned, for example: Quality System: internal Guidelines and Procedures; Management Control; Project & Resources Management; English language; Office tools, ...


On-line training is utilized, as a self-paced methodology, to increase the capabilities of personnel in various specific business/technical areas.


On-the-job training (OJT) is used when the initial skills of the personnel are already at a good level but the autonomy is not yet complete. Therefore, a Senior Tutor is dedicated part-time to this task, during the initial months of activity, and he/she will contribute to the integration of the new resource into the ongoing or starting project.


Those training are set up to satisfy the needs of the addressed business areas for which experiences, solutions, architectures and special tools must be shared.